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Dr. Anish Mathew John is the eldest son amongst three siblings, born to Mr. John C Easo and Late Mrs. Susamma John of the Chembanal family based at Kumbanad in Kerala. He is settled in Chennai, India with his family and is an HR Professional, Life Coach, Corporate-legal counselor, Trainer and Psychotherapist. Psychotherapy being his personal favourite, Anish now offers exclusive therapy/ family/ one-on-one counselling for cancer patients and their care takers after having had the opportunity of taking care of two people very dear to him in his life – his own parents. Rather than looking at cancer as a deadly disease, Anish wanted to personally change his own viewpoints about cancer seeing it just as a mysterious friend; closely reflecting on opportunities it had presented to him and his family, role-modeling the values of being humane and making a conscious effort to this day to be a better human being.


He personally thinks the job is left unfinished as he unwinds every dawn going after opportunities presented before him by God to perform a simple random act of kindness. What matters most for him, are those opportunities he could make use of, leveraging today to its full throttle. He holds three Masters, one in Psychology, one in Human Rights and a third one in Business Administration. Anish holds two doctorates; one in Management and another in Psychology. He has to his credit three Post Graduate Diplomas in Mass Communication, Psychotherapy & Counselling and in Supply Chain Management. Anish has two Diplomas, one in Airlines Management (Arizona, USA) and another in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations. Also, he secured two international certifications from Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, USA and University of Michigan - Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, MI, USA in Psychological First Aid and Talent Management respectively. An ex-affiliate of Chennai Counselors Foundation (CCF), he is also a Life Member of the apex body of HR Professionals in India - NHRD, Member of Madras Management Association and a Fellow of Management Studies Promotion Institute, New Delhi.


Book excerpt:

A woman with grace and wheatish-toned skin had soon embraced a so-so visage. With all her nice long hair gone and head in a tonsured state, skin turned into pale black, puffed up face and a swollen arm due to the mastectomy-led side-effect resulting in lymphatic fluid draining into her arm via the arm pit. It was a unique phase in life she was forced to go through. She hated to look at herself in the mirror as it was not pretty like before. Mom who always had a graceful face did not want to appear before guests as she could hardly digest her new appearance as a result of radiation therapy and chemo treatment. After every sitting of chemo/ radiation shot, mom would come out with a faint gait, gloomy face, about to collapse and pass out. Looking back, I am sure she was a strong woman, one with a strong heart not wanting to give up. The side effects of her therapy sessions would linger through the succeeding week. Nausea, vomiting, pain all over her body, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and being prone to any other disease due to lowered levels of immunity made things worse for her after every single review with her oncologist. 


Seeing it differently:

Being aware, making a few tweaks in one's own life and family members too adapting to the situation, staying positive and making sincere efforts to continue the good life from past is what the author would leave the reader to reflect upon and explore hints that are good to adopt. The author has made a modest attempt to inspire everybody out there who knows a cancer patient, is a care taker, an oncologist, is a cancer survivor, someone thinking of helping a person who has cancer and for creating awareness. The approach of looking at cancer as an uninvited guest instead of seeing it as a terrible experience and learning to cope up with this new stranger guest is a better strategy than finding oneself in a state of irony.

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