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Book Launched: Woohoo on August 15, 2017

About the author:

Dr. Anish Mathew John is the eldest son amongst three siblings, born to Mr. John C Easo and Late Mrs. Susamma John of the Chembanal family based in Kerala, India. He is settled in Chennai, India with his family and is an HR Professional, Life Coach, Corporate-legal counselor, Trainer and Psychotherapist. Psychotherapy being his personal favourite, Anish offers exclusive therapy/ family/ one-on-one counselling for cancer patients and their care takers after having had the opportunity of taking care of two people very dear to him in his life – his own parents. Rather than looking at cancer as a deadly disease, Anish wanted to personally change his own viewpoints about cancer seeing it just as a mysterious friend; closely reflecting on opportunities it had presented to him and his family, role-modeling the values of being humane and making a conscious effort to this day to be a better human being.


Excerpt from the book:

A woman with grace and wheatish-toned skin had soon embraced a so-so visage. With all her nice long hair gone and head in a tonsured state, skin turned into pale black, puffed up face and a swollen arm due to the mastectomy-led side-effect resulting in lymphatic fluid draining into her arm via the arm pit, it was a unique phase in life she was forced to go through. She hated to look at herself in the mirror as it was not pretty like before. 



Life is beautiful and the beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder. Having a positive approach towards life is the best choice in front of us and that should be our North Star, guiding us and others come along and join us into the future.



The author apart from his HR profession, is a counseling psychotherapist and finds time over weekends and national holidays, making a modest attempt to render support to his community and neighbourhood.


Timely awareness


A writer is a catalyst in the author's personal opinion and he/she leverages the creative faculty to transform thoughts into palatable words that become change agents in the society.